The FastForm® SCB (SCB stands for splint, cast and brace) is adjustable, breathable and water-friendly. The highly conformable PolyTrexX® polymer and ultra comfortable DermaWick® liner deliver enhanced comfort and healing experience for patients, from injury right through to recovery.

Swim Proof
Shower Proof
Sweat Proof


Fastform® PlasterCast Fibreglass Cast Other Thermoplastics
Highly moldable polymer with zero memory Tick Tick
Aerated & Breathable Tick
Strong yet light weight Tick Tick
Volumetrically adjustable Tick Tick
Adjustable compliance strap with hinge Tick
Integrated High Tech breathable liner Tick PARTIALLY
Single piece medical product-Flat packed Tick
Highly conformable Tick Tick
Water-friendly Tick PARTIALLY
Radiolucent Tick PARTIALLY Tick
Biodegradable Polymer Tick