FastForm® SCB – How to do Fitting Adjustments?

FastForm® SCB - How to do Fitting Adjustments?

Fitting adjustments can be expected during the patient’s treatment journey to recovery!

With FastForm® SCB, adjustments for fit and comfort are easy to make. Physicians can continue to enjoy the level of control and secure immobilization offered by traditional casting while also benefiting from the adjustability and convenience of a brace for instant swelling control and a truly customized fit.

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FastForm® SCB Fitting Adjustments

Custom Moldable/Remoldable:

Because FastForm® SCB products are custom moldable and designed to precisely fit the contours of the patient’s limb, physicians can continue to enjoy the level of control offered by traditional casting to provide a truly customized fit. A FastForm® SCB returns to a plaster-like state when heated and as the polymer has zero memory, it allows for accurate positioning, alignment, localized compression, and control at every step of the patient’s treatment. Custom fracture casting in minutes!

FastForm® SCB - Application Instruction Picture
Localized compression is being applied

Adjustable for Length:

A FastForm® SCB is easily trimmed or folded for length after heating using the built-in trim levels and fold lines. When the appropriate length has been determined, the heated product is easily cut with scissors along the built-in trim level, folded back, and stacked onto the next trim level to create a padded cuff for added patient comfort.

The trimming and folding features also reduce the need to purchase, maintain and stock substantial amounts of inventory as two product sizes satisfy the typical adult patient population!

FastForm® SCB - Application Instruction Picture - 1


FastForm® SCB - Application Instruction Picture - 2


FastForm® SCB - Application Instruction Picture - 3


Volumetrically Adjustable:

The combination of the FastForm® SCB’s overlapping design and circumferential tensioning straps allows compensation for swelling or muscle atrophy. Once applied, a FastForm® SCB is easily adjusted to fit the patient’s limb snugly and maintain secure immobilization and maximum comfort throughout the healing process.

Furthermore, the adjustability features eliminate the need for temporary splinting and replacement casts and help to save clinics and patients time and money!

FastForm® SCB - Application Instruction Picture - 4
Overlapping design and circumferential tensioning straps

Adjustable for Rehabilitation Use:

Adjustable for Rehabilitation Use:
It is not necessary to use a cast saw when removing a FastForm® SCB. Once removed, a FastForm SCB product is easily converted to a rehabilitation brace for continued support using the built-in hinge feature.

FastForm® SCB - Application Instruction Picture - 5
Built-in hinge feature

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A superior alternative to traditional casting and non-custom moldable orthoses, FastForm® SCB products take the next step in providing convenience, compliance, and cost-effectiveness for physicians while giving patients the freedom to swim, shower, and carry out daily activities with greater ease and comfort.

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