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At FastForm® Medical our advanced treatment solutions are at the core of our multifunctional Ankle Foot Orthosis for foot & ankle fractures, musculoskeletal injuries and related injuries. Now you can reduce treatment costs and improve the economic performance of your office through increased efficiency and patient throughput, while enhancing your patients’ comfort and healing experiences.

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Irremovable Yet Reusable

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Robust Compliance System

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Pneumatic Swelling Control

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Custom Modable & Remodable

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Lightweight & Low Profile

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Protect & Inspect

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Improved Mobility & Gait & Reduces Impact

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Universal Fit For Minimum SKUS

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No Cast Saw Required

Introducing our revolutionary new CUSTOM MOLDABLE AFO

With FastForm®’s new custom fit AFO for fracture management and post op indications, you get the secure immobilization of a cast combined with the convenience of a Walker boot.

The AFO is remoldable and the only custom moldable orthosis that has optional pneumatic malleoli padding for additional comfort and swelling control. This means only one device is needed from injury to recovery. There is no need for additional devices, or a cast saw as the AFO can be removed for inspections and reused.

It’s a great opportunity to enhance your patients’ comfort and healing experiences.

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Ankle foot orthosis afo System

FastForm®’s SCB range of advanced fracture management and total contact orthoses are highly moldable, customizable, remoldable, reusable, and can function as a Splint, Cast and Brace throughout the healing process.

The FastForm® AFO can be removed for weekly ROM exercises/wound management and reused, without the need for additional devices or a cast saw. This means only one device is needed from injury to recovery.



The FastForm® AFO is a load bearing orthosis intended to replace Plaster of Paris, Fiberglass and CAM Walker Boots, and is used for the following indications:

  • Fracture management and post-operative immobilization
  • Musculoskeletal trauma
  • Weakness and instability support
  • Provide support in the post-healing rehab phase
  • Facilitates wound management

Coding & Reimbursement Guide

Potential HCPCS L-Codes Available on Request

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The FastForm® AFO delivers the secure immobilization of a Cast combined with the convenience of a Walker Boot.


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Cat.# Fastform Medical SCB logo Leg Size Unit Ordering & Shipping Pack Details
4001 FastForm® Ankle Foot Orthosis L/R L 1 unit Box of 1
4002 L/R M 1 unit Box of 1
4003 L/R S 1 unit Box of 1
4006 FastForm® Ankle Foot Orthosis with Pneumatic Malleoli Pad Set L/R L 1 unit Box of 1
4007 L/R M 1 unit Box of 1
4008 L/R S 1 unit Box of 1

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