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Featuring PolyTrexX® smart polymer and DermaWick® active liner


FastForm® VERSI® Sheets can help you achieve optimal stabilization and/or immobilization treatment solutions for your patients

Unlike other thermoplastic sheet products, a FastForm® VERSI® Sheet comes with our comfortable, wickable and breathable DermaWick® liner attached. VERSI® Sheets are stretchable, trimmable, moldable, highly conformable and will adhere very well to other PolyTrexX® surfaces allowing adaptation and augmentation of existing FastForm® products to suit individual patients.

For further customization treatment options, FastForm® VERSI® Sheets can also be used to make discrete splints, casts braces, and devices for a wide range of indications including Wrist, hand, finger and thumb splints as it is quick, easy and clean to apply.

FastForm®’ s revolutionary technology is also used in FastForm®‘s VERSI® Sheets. This technology is based on a highly conformable thermoplastic (PolyTrexX®) in a highly open mesh type structure, combined with an effective wicking and fast-dry liner (DermaWick®). When heated, PolyTrexX® is highly conformable (plaster–like). Once molded to the desired position and shape, PolyTrexX® rapidly reverts to a high strength, ventilated structure that’s radiolucent.

A superior alternative to conventional casting

Multiple trim lines are incorporated into a FastForm® VERSI® Sheet for easy trimming options. There is also a built in hinge that can be utilized if desired to make devices that are easy to remove and refit on patient’s limbs and digits. The easy on/off feature makes it useful for rehab applications and for routine hygiene and inspection. The lightweight structure, breathability, comfort, versatility and low profile of FastForm® VERSI® Sheets provides a superior alternative to conventional casting material and non-custom moldable orthoses. With your clinical expertise and FastForm®‘s VERSI® Sheets, patient’s comfort, quality of life and healing experiences can be enhanced.

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A FastForm® VERSI® Sheet is a general purpose splinting, casting and bracing material intended to be used for fabrication of custom molded rigid splints, orthoses and adaptive equipment.


Complex, compound and/or comminuted fractures, Load bearing applications.


  • Extensions to other FastForm® products. (e.g. Munster Cast using a FastForm® SAMO)
  • Hand, wrist, finger and thumb splints
  • Orthopedic orthosis, external immobilization devices and rehabilitation aids.
  • Serial Splints
  • Outrigger bases
  • Spasticity splints
  • Functional position splints
  • Resting mitt splints


FastForm®‘s VERSI® Sheets are made from a low-temperature thermoplastic material (PolyTrexX®) and are activated by heating at a temperature of 75°C (167°F) to 85°C (185°F) for 3-5minutes, ideally in our Infrared heater (Cat # 9801 for 110v version or Cat # 9813 for 220-240V version) or in a splint pan while still sealed in its pouch.

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Ultra moldability

Thanks to our highly moldable PolyTrexX® polymer which has zero memory and requires low temperature for activation, FastForm® VERSI® Sheets mold faithfully to fit limb contours due to its excellent drape properties and remains rigid and stable after cooling. The material can be easily stretched to maximize sizing, positioning and alignment.

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Patients can shower and swim when authorized.

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Aerated and fully breathable

Ultra comfort with reduced itch and odor. The highly open mesh-like structure provides superior ventilation for comfort while maintaining strength and lightness. The integrated DermaWick® liner means there is no need for cast padding.

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Perfect fit; strong but light-weight and re-moldable

A custom fit is quick, easy and clean to achieve without fumes or dust. To remold, simply reheat and reshape as needed.

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Volumetric adjustability

When fabricated into a circumferential cast, splint or brace, the integrated hinge may be useful to facilitate easy on/off applications. This is useful for rehab or to make adjustments to compensate for swelling or muscle atrophy throughout the healing process, making it ideal for susceptible patients, sports, active people and authorized air travel.

FastForms Robust Compliance Lock Icon

Secure fit throughout healing

Compliance lock strap indicates and deters unauthorized removal.

FastForms Saw Icon

No cast saw

No cast saw required for removal once healing is complete.

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FastForm® VERSI® Sheets are coated to reduce accidental self-bonding but can be easily welded to itself or other FastForm® products (on locally de-coated surfaces) after the coating has been removed by pressing and bonding the two surfaces together. A padded comfort edge can be easily created by simply folding over the edge so that the PolyTrexX® bonds to itself.

Radiolucent - No need to remove the SAMO for follow-up X-Ray examinations


No need to remove devices made from FastForm® VERSI® Sheets for follow-up X-Ray examinations.

Fast From Bio degradable - polymer is environmentally friendly

85% Biodegradable

FastForm®’s PolyTrexX® polymer is environmentally friendly.

FastForms Universal Fit Icon

Sizing and shaping

Multiple trim lines are incorporated for easy trimming options.


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Cat.# Fastform Medical SCB logo Size Unit Ordering & Shipping Pack Details
3920 FastForm® VERSI® Sheet 272mm x 212 x 3.2mm 1 unit Box of 6
3925 FastForm® VERSI® Strip 20 x 100 x 3mm Pk of 6 Pk of 6
3901 Tension Straps with Compliance Lock M/L Pk of 6 Pk of 6
3902 SM/M Pk of 6 Pk of 6

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