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FastForm hand based
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Featuring PolyTrexX® smart polymer and DermaWick® active liner

FastForm hand based

With FastForm®, you can treat your patients cost effectively, with our ultra mouldable products that provide a perfect fit and superior comfort from injury to recovery. The FastForm® Hand-based Thumb Spica Orthosis (HTSO) has revolutionised the treatment of short arm fractures and tissue traumas.

The HTSO is quick, easy and clean to apply. After activation by heat, the HTSO is designed to mould perfectly to the patient’s body contours. In addition, its inner surface is layered with DermaWick®; a special fabric liner that wicks away moisture from the skin.

A superior alternative to conventional casting

A superior alternative to conventional casting material and non-custom mouldable orthoses, the FastForm® HTSO allows patients the freedom to swim, shower and carry out daily activities with greater ease and comfort. Patients will love how the enhanced comfort of FastForm® improves their healing experience and quality of life.

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The Hand-based Thumb Spica Orthosis (HTSO) can be used for the treatment of ulnar collateral ligament injuries and provides stabilization and immobilization of the first metacarpophalangeal (1st MCP) joint and may be used preoperative, postoperative or post-trauma.

HCPCS Code Coding and Reimbursement guide (USA)
** L3923 Hand Finger Orthosis, Without Joints, May Include Soft Interface, Straps, Prefabricated Item That Has Been Trimmed, Bent, Molded, Assembled, Or Otherwise Customized To Fit A Specific Patient By An Individual With Expertise
** L3924 Hand finger orthosis, without joints, may include soft interface, straps, prefabricated, off-the-shelf

* Approved PDAC codes

** Discretional: May be applicable and suitable

Please visit www.dmepdac.com for more info about codes and fees.

Disclaimer: The codes listed show possible coding options and are for information purposes only. FastForm® Medical does not represent, promise, or guarantee levels of reimbursement, payment, calculations, patient eligibility or charges.


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Ultra moldability

Thanks to our highly moldable PolyTrexX® polymer which has zero memory, the HTSO molds faithfully to fit limb contours. Focal compression can be applied with ease to maximize positioning and alignment.

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Patients can shower and swim when authorized

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Aerated and fully breathable

Ultra comfort with reduced itch and odor. The integrated DermaWick® liner means there is no need for cast padding.

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Perfect fit; strong but light-weight and re-moldable

A custom fit is quick, easy and clean to achieve without fumes or dust.

FastForms Pneumatic Swelling Icon

Volumetric adjustability

Compensates for swelling or muscle atrophy throughout the healing process, making it ideal for susceptible patients, sports, active people and authorized air travel.

FastForms Saw Icon

No cast saw

No cast saw required for removal once healing is complete.

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Rehabilitation use

An integrated hinge allows the HTSO to be converted into a wearable rehab splint for continued support.

Radiolucent - No need to remove the SAMO for follow-up X-Ray examinations


No need to remove the HTSO for follow-up X-Ray examinations.

Fast From Bio degradable - polymer is environmentally friendly

85% Biodegradable

FastForm®’s PolyTrexX® polymer is environmentally friendly.

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Single piece medical product-flat packed

Minimal SKU categories and only three sizes required, thanks to stretch and trim features. Saves space and keeps inventory requirements and management to a minimum.


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Cat.# Fastform Medical SCB logo Arm Size Unit Ordering & Shipping Pack Details Circumference
3401 Hand-Based Thumb Spica Orthosis Universal M/L 1 Unit Box of 6 8”– 9.25” (205 – 235mm)
3402 Universal SM/M 1 Unit Box of 6 6.75”– 8.25” (175 – 210mm)
Circumference taken along metacarpophalangeal joint

The HTSO is a stretchable single piece flat packed medical product for either Left or Right hands meaning only two sizes are required thus minimising inventory levels and storage space requirements.

Please contact our local distributor in your area for prices and delivery details.

Alternatively, please send us an email to info@fastformmedical.com and we will connect you to the nearest distributor in your area who will follow up directly with you.


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